Projects in MAGIC Tool

In MAGIC Tool, a project is a folder containing a set of files that you wish to keep organized together. As you work, MAGIC Tool will create files that are related to the files in the project, or are used in the analysis, and add them to the project for you, automatically.

Below is a representation of a project named bio21

MAGIC Tool looks for some types of files in a particular folder by default:

The remaining folders in the bio21 project are different expression files that are part of this project. Each expression file has its own folder (by the same name as the file). Within the folder, in addition to the .exp file containing expression ratios, are any files created in MAGIC Tool that relate exclusively to this expression file.

MAGIC Tool recognizes many file extensions, including .tiff, .grid, .list, .info, and .exp. If, outside of MAGIC Tool, any files with these extensions are placed inside the project folder, the MAGIC Tool command Update Project will automatically move these files to the appropriate subfolders of the project. In the case of a file with .exp extension, this process includes creating a folder for the expression file.

The project file itself has extension .gprj, and contains a list of files of different types that are in the project. The file bio21.gprj is shown below.