2 misc. RNA genes

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2500590731 SRP_euk_arch

-BLASTn finds the most similarity with this genefrom the halobacteria Haloferax volcanii
-A signal recognition particle contains 7 subunits: six polypeptide components and one 7S RNA component (PubMed)
-Our miscellaneous RNA gene probably encodes the 7S RNA subunit of the signal recognition particle

2500590732 RNaseP_arch

-BLASTn finds the most similarity with this gene from the halobacteria Haloferax volcanii
-It matches a partial coding sequence for the Ribonuclease P gene
-----This is the only ribonuclease that is itself an RNA molecule (Wikipedia)
-The RNaseP Database at NC State shows alignments for all known forms of archaeal ribonuclease P. You can align them by hand and see that our sequence, with appropriate gaps added, closely matches the sequences in this database, especially ones like H. volcanii.