Bacteriophytochrome (light-regulated signal transduction histidine kinase) (Claudia M. Carcelen)

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Bacteriophytochrome 644032303

What is this gene?

Bacteriophytochromes are photoreceptors used by bacteria to detect light from the red and far-red end of the light spectrum in order to mediate sensory responses to their light environment (Vuillet et. al.).

I chose this gene because it plays an important role for the organism as a signal peptide. Given that we are interested in eventually mapping pathways for our organism, I believe it would be interesting to look into the genes and mechanisms that the organism uses to communicate with its environment.


Megablast, blastn and discontiguous megablast provided no statistically significant results.


Blastx provided no statistically significant results (very low correlation).

GC Content

The GC content of this gene is 67% and the GC content of our organisms genome is 66%. This strongly suggests that the gene is not a foreign gene, however it may be a paralog or an ortholog.