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Davidson Protocols

J-GGA Scaffold Design

J-GGA Scaffold 2.0 Design

Origin of Replication

Look, Mom, no EtBr!

GGA Primer Designer

Topics to Investigate

Family of Xanthine compounds

File:Caffeine demethylase word doc.docx

High Priority = more people

  • Phoebe and Claire: eCDM8 working to make theophylline with biosensor and fitness modules (TetR) to report out.

Which plasmid carries which device?
Fitness (tetA)
feeds into stress module

  • Sachii and Jess: Determine the junction sequences and associated primers

(use existing rules)
build scaffold for insert segments
include orI (collaborate with copy number research)
include drug resistance gene
test JGG design

  • Spencer and Sara: test fitness module with adhE

compare with tetA
fine tune tetA resistance
combine with tetA
Does theophylline diffuse across the membrane and thus the system fails?

  • Brandon and Erich: Copy number of plasmids

Can we alter Ori to produce a range of plasmid densities in E. coli?

Second Order Priority = one person

  • produce different CDM alleles
  • swap out different components (promoters, RBS, alleles)
  • test out programmed evolution
  • Stress module needs more work (see eCDM8 outputs)