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KEGG Pathway containing Chitinase: Aminosugars Metabolism Pathway.png
The pathway above is labeled for a halophile, haloarcula marismortui (most of the other halophiles on KEGG did not have a reference pathway for Aminosugars Metabolism). As you can see, chitinase (EC#: is not predicted for this halophile.

The only automated annotation database to predict a chitinase was Manatee. Manatee predicted Chitinase A at 55855...57810. Chitinase A: Manatee
The top BlastP results: Blastpr.png

As you can see, Chitinase A is not among the top hits. However, there is one hit for it further down the list with a good e-value:
So, this location possibly codes for chitinase.

While doing some hand-curated annotations, we also found another potential chitinase-coding region at 72986...74821 (+). Two hits were found by Blastp that coded for chitinase, they were the 2nd and 3rd hits overall and both were from halophiles:
First Chitinase hit: ChitinaseBlast.png

Second Chitinase hit: ChitinaseBlast2.png

Both of these hits had extremely good e-values; so, data from this coding region strongly suggest the coding of chitinase in our organism. However, we do not yet have any physiological data to support the presence of chitinase.