DM Notes 2.11.16

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Today's tasks: Team up.

  • Team 1 Blast2GO - get genes mapped to GO terms.
  • Team 2 DAVID
  • Team 3 Work with DESeq manual
  • Team 4 My team (Dylan, Dustin, Nick B, Saipriya): try to download GO terms and connect our gene names to those terms. Come up with list of GO terms for every gene.
  • Dr C Using R at the Bench book, looking for any helpful notes

Process so far: looking for Burmese python GAF in GO database, haven't found any previous annotations.

  • Pull organism GAF from GO database (Saipriya and I pulled the organism names. There are 443 different ones, though some are viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.) The organisms GO has account for ~75% of the genes in our file.
  • Pull gene names for each organism from contig file and associate those w/ the GAF GO ID#s
  • Associate GO IDs with terms

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