DNA Sequencing at Eurofins

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Prepare template and primer solutions at the concentrations listed at the bottom of this page.

  1. Grab the appropriate number of bar-code tubes to be sent off for sequencing.
  2. Record the code on each tube and what clone will be in it inside your lab notebook.
  3. Add your sample to the correct bar-code tube.

How to Prepare

1.Prepare aqueous template and primer solution at the concentrations listed below.

2. Add 8ul template + 4ul (2uM) to each tube by inserting your pipet tip through the split seal (total volume = 12ul)

3. Place tubes into a Blue Bag or other ziplock bag

4. Ship using a UPS padded envelope from the Overnight Kit or place Blue Bag in a near-by Eurofins Genomics Dropbox

PCR < 300 Bp (10-20ng/ul)

PCR 300-1000 Bp (20-40ng/ul)

PCR >1000 Bp (40-60ng/ul)

Plasmids all lenghts (100-200ng/ul)