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DNA Computing PPT Concepts

Golden Gate HPP Davidson Concept: Media:GoldenGate_HPP.pptx

Golden Gate HPP MWSU Concept: Media:HPP_DNA_computer_MWSU_2011.pptx

Golden Gate Generic Primers: Media:ggsdiagram.pptx‎

Golden Gate Cre Primers: Media:PRIMERDESIGN.docx

Golden Gate Bla Primers: Media:primersforbla.docx


DNA Computing Papers

Adleman 1994 First DNA computer, used to solve 7-node, 14-edge HPP

Benneson review 2009 Review of DNA computers in terms of Tiling systems, State Machines, Logic Networks.

Chen 1999 DNA Comuting Implementing Genetic Algorithms

ShapiroNature2004 DNA computer to analyze mRNA levels

Roweis stickers 1996 A sticker based model for DNA computation

Rothemund 2000 DNA computing by self-assembly

Benneson 2003 DNA computer using restriction and ligation

Boneh 1996 Review on the computational power of DNA

Adleman Scientific American Good introduction to Adleman HPP experiment

Adleman Data Encryption Standard 1999 Proposal to use the Sticker Model to attack the US Data Encryption Standard

[1] An overview of Biomolecular computing including a summary of DNA computing and a section on the limitations of such computing

[2] DNA computing in vitro and in vivo. An overview illustrating the differences between in vitro and in vivo DNA computing. 2001.

[3] The principle of the technique has been demonstrated experimentally for a simple example of the Hamiltonian path problem

Ravinderjit 2000 Using a gel based DNA computer to solve a 6-variable 11-clause 3-SAT problem

Molecular Computation by Hairpin Formation; Sakamoto et al.

2002 Adleman. Solution of a 20-Variable Problem on a DNA Computer.

2011 Shu DNA-Based Computing of Strategic Assignment Problems,

Criticism of DNA-Based Computing of Strategic Assignment Problems: http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2011/05/is-dna-computing-going-to-terminate-internet-banking.ars

2011 Qian Scaling Up Digital Circuit Computation with DNA Strand Displacement Cascades. 2011 and its commentary in Science. 2011 Reif