Gene Length Histograms

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These graphs show the frequency of gene lengths for the 3 different annotations. The x-axis ranges from 0 - 2,500 bps, with a step value of 50 bps. The Excel file used to generate these histograms can be downloaded by clicking here.

Below are some descriptive statistics for the data shown above. From these statistics, it is clear that, in general, the gene calls made by Rast were longer than the calls made by JGI or Manatee (some statistical analysis could show this more clearly). This supports the claim that Rast called more alternative start codons, resulting in longer genes and different start indices (see Venn diagrams).

Gene Length Descriptive Statistics
Statistic JGI RAST Manatee
Mean 869.9 941.8 844.9
Median 728 801.5 692
Mode 428 284 116
Minimum 70 70 73
Maximum 7130 100001 10001
Count 3097 2898 3254