Halorhabdus utahensis

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Halorhabdus utahensis was isolated from Great Salt Lake, Utah. The great salt lake is really cool by the way. If you want to learn more about it click here. This species grows best at 27% NaCl. Only a few sugars such as glucose, xylose, and fructose support the growth of this species in culture. In culture, Halorhabdus utahensis did not require amino acid supplements to grow. This fact seems pretty incredible. Perhaps I am missing the meaning of this part of the paper, but it seems to imply amino acids are not necessary for growth: "The isolate was catalase and oxidase positive, lysed in distilled water and did not require amino acids for growth" (Wainø, Tindall and Ingvorsen, 186).
Halorhabdus photo.png
Also, this is the species that the Fall 2008 genomics lab explored. Check out this site for information on what they did. There is a lot of very specific information on individual genes/pathways as well as general information on how the annotations from RAST, JGI, and Manatee compare to one another.