Hypothetical Protein 644031642 (Karen Hasty)

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Hypothetical Protein 644031642

Shine-delgarno sequence

Fifteen nucleotides before the start codon for this protein is the sequence "CGGCGGA." This sequence could very well be the shine-delgarno sequence since it fits very well into our species established _GG_GG_ pattern.

Start and stop codons

The start codon is the normal ATG and the stop codon TAG is located 408 nucleotides downstream.


There are several interesting results using Blastx.
There are several other species with hypothetical proteins that match with our sequence of amino acids. The e-values for these matches are very low, suggesting that this hypothetical protein may be a real protein instead of a glitch in annotation. Additionally, there are two proteins with acceptable e values (<.01) that code for regulatory proteins. One of these proteins is a DNA repair protein and the other is a transcriptional regulator. Perhaps one of these proteins offers a clue as to the function of this hypothetical protein.

GC Content

The GC content of this gene is 66%, which is identical to the overall GC content of our organisms genome. This fact implies that this gene is not an alien gene.