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Julia Preziosi

Aspects we can explore:

Assigning GO terms to our genes

DESeq exploration

DAVID bioinformatics resource

Blast2Go - 2 versions. pro version 1 week free. Access to all the genes already downloaded. See if we can get Gene Ontology this way. "Blast2GO is an ALL in ONE bioinformatics solution for functional annotation of (novel) sequences and the analysis of annotation data. Its main function is to assign information about the biological function of gene or protein sequences by making use of diverse public resources like comparison algorithms and databases. The software identifies already characterized similar sequences, and transfers its functional labels to the uncharacterized sequences."

"A typical use case of Blast2GO basically consists of 5 steps: BLASTing, mapping, annotation,statistics analysis and visualization."

  • So far we have gene results (no sequences), we have the trimmed sequences - not associated, and we have fastQC analysis (no sequences).