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Julia Preziosi

Wrote our first status report after our oral presentation on the 15th.

GO Slim:

Want to map the whole transcriptome (relative expressions?) GO Slim terms and compare to gene of interest (relative expression?) GO Slim terms.

Wrote a code to extract gene id from a list of given gene names. Needed to manually search the gene id for the translated POUFs.


Generic GO term Mapper:

using the goslim_generic.obo from the OWLTools page:

  • nothing

Using generic human given by website

  • this looks promising

Map2Slim option in OWLTools: "Given a GO slim file, and a current ontology (in one or more files), the Map2Slim script will map a gene association file (containing annotations to the full GO) to the terms in the GO slim.

  • this doesn't work on school computers