January 19, 2016

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Article Discussion

"Responses of Python Gastrointestinal Regulatory Peptides to Feeding" (2001)

  • Hormone and peptide levels are elevated after feeding.
  • Organ morphology begins changing even before food hits the organ.

"Adaptive Regulation of Digestive Performance in the Genus Python" (2007)

  • The post-prandial growth of the Small Intestine is attributed to hypertrophy rather than hyperplasia.
  • Intracellular stores of protein contribute to increased intestinal mass and nutrient up-take.
  • Lipid droplets from the meal also increase intestinal mass.

Questions to Consider:

  • Do new proteins replace the intracellular stores of protein when stored proteins travel to the cell surface?
  • Are cell division and apoptosis up-regulated?

Remember: we are only working with RNA.


  • Use Unix to download FastQC data analysis results.

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