January 28, 2016

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Today in class, we broke into groups in order to:

  1. Blast the overrepresented sequences
  2. Attempt to access the list of genes (SRP-0151827) mentioned in the Andrew et al. (2015) study
  3. Add numbers to label proteins of "unknown function" in our reads
  4. Normalize relative abundance of transcripts

I belonged to group 2. While navigating the website home to the SRP-0151827 genes, we looked for a way to download gene names, scripts, and/or clusters. We learned that we could blast our sequences against the Andrew wt al. (2015) sequence library. We also found instructions for how to download the Andrew et al. (2015) sequence library, but did not completely understand the program they used. We could, however, download one script at a time.

We will present our findings to the rest of the class on February 2, 2016.

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  • Andrew, Audra L., et al. “Rapid changes in gene expression direct rapid shifts in intestinal form and function in the Burmese python after feeding.” Physiol Genomics. 47 (2015): 147-157.
Andrew et al. (2015)