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Lux cell signaling system

Responsible: Andrew Gordon and Pallavi Penumetcha

Signal molecule: N-acyl-homoserine lactone (AHL) Generic term for a variety of species specific hormone-like molecules

Bacterial species: discovered in Vibrio fischeri known to work in E. coli

Receiver protein: LuxR protein receives signal from AHL; also has some control over transciption of luciferase

Signal molecule synthase: LuxI; also has some control over transciption of luciferase

Additional Information: "Quorum Quenching" aiiA (intracellular) lactonase reduces AHL concentration



Lux Operon Pathway

AHL signaling molecules by species; some are specific to gram pos but may affect gram negs

Reducing Crosstalk in Lux System


Quorum Quenching to control Lux Pathway

[1] A Synthetic multicellular system for programmed pattern formation

Parts Needed:

LuxR + pro/term


LuxI + pro/term

LuxI sender