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Description What Needs Work Status
Program Designed so user can can input nucleotide sequence of as many genes as desired in fasta format.User is able to input what percent of the gene they want the program to ignore. The program will generate all the 4 common words to all genes. It will rank rank the 4 common words based on two systems.

1. Ranking percentile based on the worst 4 word match (furthest from middle of gene) out of all the genes

2. Ranking percentile based on how many A and T bases are in the 4 common word.

Also, the user can input how many 4 common words it would like the program to display, if palindromes should be considered, and if the user wants to use the column method.

The program will allow the user to see where the 4 common words are in the nucleotide sequence compared to other genes.

Lastly, the program will generate the oligos primers need to be ordered to split the genes where the user desires.

1. Is not reading user inputs, so get the same answer no matter the input

2. The Column Method approach

3. View of where the 4 common word is in the nucleotide sequence

4. Generation of Primers

In Progress: Working on de-buging and improving Preliminary Version 0.01
Website Interfase for the program. Available in Python.

link to website

1. Work in Safari

2. Have Instructions

3. Look Prettier

Is Up and Running