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  • Mali Zhang

Mapping the Economic Costs and Benefits of Conservation
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  • Pallavi Penumetcha

Social contacts and mixing patterns relevant to the spread of infectious diseases
Hallett et al., 2008. "PLoS Medicine." 5: 3.

  • Rebecca Hall

An Epidemiological Network Model for Disease Outbreak Detection
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  • Danielle Lemos

A comparative analysis of predictive models of morbidity in intensive care unit after cardiac surgery – Part I: model planning
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  • Sarah Frederick

A Comparative Analysis of Inflenza Vaccination Programs
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  • Chris Keally

Transmissibility of 1918 pandemic influenza
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  • Hugh Dowlen

Density-Dependent Demographic Variation Determines Extinction Rate of Experimental Populations
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  • Patrick Whitman

Modeling the Worldwide Spread of Pandemic Influenza: Baseline Case and Containment Interventions
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  • Taylor Gunnell

Modeling Systems-Level Regulation of Host Immune Responses
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  • Theodorou Elias

Using Leslie matrices to determine wild rabbit population growth and the potential for control
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  • Malcolm Campbell

What happens when parents don't vaccinate their children?
Jansen, et al., 2003. Science. 301: 804.

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