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Nick Elder

Group 2 intestines

Regulatory Peptides (2001)

  • lots of hormones and peptides
  • intestine changes before the meal reaches it
  • we hypothesize that active eating activates hormone response; looking early on, hours after eating
  • enzymes need to make the hormones and then we need the receptors
    • plasma membrane or cytoplasm
  • some of the mammalian antibodies cross react - no the intended target
  • used column chromatography to try to identify reptilian versions of synthetically produced human homologs

Adaptive Regulation (2007)

  • Fig 1. ever letter is sig. dif. from other letters
  • change in intestine mass is from hypertrophy - cells grow bigger, not replication
    • cell division increased, but so did apoptosis
  • enterocytes increase volume
  • transport proteins may already exist in intracellular membranes that are then released to the luminal membrane
  • would not result in a peak in RNA transcription
  • part of why the cells are fatter is because they cells are full of lipid droplets
    • endocytosis - not actively transported