NHE Mar 8 Notes

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Nick Elder

Group 2 intestines

POUFS cannot be changed in the files because it breaks code. The gene names have to match exactly how they appears in the reference genome. Made reference excel file instead and uploaded to wiki

Our new direction:

  • look at absolute changes in expression levels (genes that go from on to off and off to on)

ran the normalized plot with raw scores with Q-vals set to 0.01.

38 potential genes

Potential genes:

  • JAGN1 - was one of the POUFs. no expression in non fed. slight increase in fed. secretory protein. necessary for neutrophil survival...
    • POUF 2542
  • CYP2J2 - down regulated in Fed
  • NDUFB6 - mitochondrial. upregulated in fed. responsible for NADH oxidation.
    • POUF 544

Is NAD production significantly upregulated?