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The Davidson-Missouri Western team contributed 105 new parts to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, including several novel hybrid promoters which have been designed to be dually-regulated, testing constructs, and selected intermediate parts. The new basic parts were sequence verified before constructing the building process to ensure against mutations.

Number Type Description Size
BBa_K09100 Composite Receiver for AHL and Outputs GFP when AHL is present 1946 bp
BBa_K091001 Coding LsrR gene 954
BBa_K091002 Coding LsrK gene 1593
BBa_K091100 Regulatory pLac_lux hybrid promoter 74
BBa_K091101 Regulatory pTet_Lac hybrid promoter 83
BBa_K091104 Regulatory Mnt/LacI Hybrid Promoter 87
BBa_K091105 Regulatory Mnt/TetR Hybrid Promoter 98
BBa_K091106 Regulatory LsrA/cI hybrid promoter 141
BBa_K091107 Regulatory Lux-cI hybrid promoter 57
BBa_K091109 Coding LuxS 516
BBa_K091110 Regulatory LacI Promoter 56
BBa_K091111 Regulatory LacIQ promoter 56
BBa_K091112 Regulatory LacIQ1 promoter 56
BBa_K091114 Regulatory LsrAR Promoter 248
BBa_K091115 Regulatory LsrR Promoter 100
BBa_K091116 Regulatory LsrA Promoter 126
BBa_K091117 Regulatory pLas promoter 126
BBa_K091118 Intermediate Codes for LasR and LasR regulated GFP 1985
BBa_K091119 Intermediate LacI protein generator with a pTet promoter 74
BBa_K091120 Intermediate pTet regulated production of LacI protein 1163
BBa_K091121 Coding LacI wild-type gene 1083
BBa_K091122 Coding LacI_I12 protein 1083
BBa_K091123 Composite LacI_I12 protein regulated by pTet 1163
BBa_K091125 Composite GFP generator regulated by pTet 938
BBa_K091126 Composite pTet regulated production of LacI_X86 1163
BBa_K091127 Coding LacI_I12_X86 1083
BBa_K091128 Composite pTet regulation of the LacI_I12_X86 protein 1163
BBa_K091131 Generator pLacIQ1 controlled GFP generator 940
BBa_K091132 Composite pMnt/Tet+RBS+LuxI 767
BBa_K091133 Composite pBAD+RBS+TetR 841
BBa_K091134 Device Las Receiver 2048
BBa_K091136 Signalling Las Sender Testing Device 670
BBa_K091137 Coding RBS+Mnt+TT 468
BBa_K091138 Composite RBS+lsrR 972
BBa_K091139 Composite RBS+lsrR+TT 1109
BBa_K091140 Composite plsrA/cI+RBS+luxI 810
BBa_K091141 Composite RBS+Mnt+TT 468
BBa_K091142 Intermediate plsrA/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1286
BBa_K091143 Regulatory plasR/cI Hybrid Promoter 164
BBa_K091144 Composite pMnt/Tet+RBS+LuxI+RBS+cI+TT 1671
BBa_K091145 Composite pBAD+RBS+TetR+TT 978
BBa_K091146 Regulatory pLas+ Lux- Promoter 126
BBa_K091147 Composite pBAD+RBS+Mnt+TT 606
BBa_K091148 Generator pLas' Promoter Testing Construct A 1997
BBa_K091149 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct B 1997
BBa_K091150 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct C 2804
BBa_K091151 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct D 2761
BBa_K091152 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct D 2804
BBa_K091153 Signalling Standard RBS with LuxS 534
BBa_K091154 Composite RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1137
BBa_K091155 Intermediate plasR/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1309
BBa_K091156 Regulatory pLux 55
BBa_K091157 Regulatory pLux+ Las- Promoter 55
BBa_K091158 Composite RBS+lsrK 1611
BBa_K091159 Composite pBAD+RBS+lsrK 1749
BBa_K091160 Composite pMnt/Tet-RBS-GFP-TT 982
BBa_K091161 Signalling RBS+LasI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1103
BBa_K091162 Signalling Promoter+RBS+LasI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1168
BBa_K091163 Signalling RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT 1010
BBa_K091164 Signalling Promoter+RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT 1075
BBa_K091165 Reporter pLux/cI+RBS+GFP+TT 941
BBa_K091166 Signalling pBAD-RBS-luxR 937
BBa_K091167 Signalling RBS+LuxI+TT 798
BBa_K091168 Composite pLac/Mnt+RBS+LuxS+RBS+cI+TT 1533
BBa_K091169 Composite plasR/cI+E0240(GFP) 1048
BBa_K091170 Composite plsrA/cI+E0240(GFP) 1025
BBa_K091171 Composite pBAD+RBS+cI+TT 1034
BBa_K091172 Intermediate lsr system supporting genes 2866
BBa_K091173 Device pLsr/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT+pTet/Mnt+RBS+luxI+RBS+cI+TT 2965
BBa_K091174 Device pBAD-RBS-TetR-TT-pBAD-RBS-LsrK-RBS-LsrR-TT 3852
BBa_K091175 Composite pBAD-RBS-tetR-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT 1968
BBa_K091176 Composite pBAD-RBS-Mnt-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT 1596
BBa_K091177 Composite pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT-pBAD-RBS-tetR-TT 1968
BBa_K091178 Composite pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT-pBAD-RBS-Mnt-TT 1596
BBa_K091179 Signalling LuxR receiver and pBAD promoter 1074
BBa_K091180 Composite pLac-RBS-LasR-TT 999
BBa_K091181 Composite pBad-RBS-tetR-TT-placI/pI-RBS-lasR-TT 1985
BBa_K091182 Composite pLasR/cI-RBS-LuxI-RBS-Mnt-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-LuxI-RBS-cI-TT 2988
BBa_K091183 Signalling pBAD+RBS+LuxR+RBS+cI lam+TT 1841
BBa_K091184 Regulatory pLux/cI+RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT+pLac/Mnt+RBS+LuxS+RBS+cI+TT 2616
BBa_K091185 Composite LacI_I12+TT 1220
BBa_K091186 Composite pBAD+RBS+LacI+TT+pBAD+RBS+LuxR+TT 2528
BBa_K091188 Composite pMnt/lac+RBS+lasI+RBS+cI+TT 1626
BBa_K091190 Composite plux/cI+RBS+lasI+RBS+Mnt+TT+pMnt/lac+RBS+lasI+RBS+cI+TT 2802
BBa_K091191 Composite pBAD+RBS+luxS+TT 809
BBa_K091192 Composite pBAD+RBS+lasI+TT 807
BBa_K091194 Reporter Promoter testing construct 2023
BBa_K091195 Reporter Promoter testing construct 1983
BBa_K091196 Reporter Promoter testing construct 2790
BBa_K091197 Intermediate plsrAcI testing construct with GFP 3899
BBa_K091198 Intermediate plasRcI testing construct 2055
BBa_K091199 Intermediate plasR/cI overall testing construct 3097
BBa_K091200 Intermediate plsrA/cI testing construct with lambda cI repression 2067
BBa_K091201 Intermediate plsrAcI overall testing construct 4941
BBa_K091202 Intermediate plasRcI testing construct with lambda cI repression 2090
BBa_K091203 Device pBAD-RBS-LuxR-RBS-LacI(I12)-TT 2183
BBa_K091204 Coding Prom-LuxR-TT 979
BBa_K091205 Coding Prom-LasR-TT 979
BBa_K091206 Coding Prom-LuxR-TT-Prom-LasR-TT 1966
BBa_S03967 Intermediate RBS-LasI 627
BBa_S03968 Intermediate RBS-LuxS 534
BBa_S03969 Intermediate pMnt/Lac-RBS-GFP-TT 971
BBa_S03979 Intermediate RBS-LuxS-RBS-cI-TT 1438
BBa_S03980 Intermediate pBAD-RBS-LacI-TT 1446
BBa_S04058 Intermediate RBS-LacI12-TT 1238