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Stochasticity in Gene Expression

The stochastic nature of biological processes lead to heterogenic responses for a single input. While these stochastic processes pose a problem for synthetic biology they do not prohibit the successful construction of synthetic biological devices all together. This is because characterization of stochastic processes can lead to dry lab design strategies for implementation in vivo. Here is a characterization of the origin of stochasticity, the devices used to model stochasticity, the effect of stochasticity in gene networks, and a section on why stochastic processes might exist in the cell.


Discussion 9/25: Promoter Control

Paper Authors

Tuning genetic control through promoter engineering

Hal Alper
Curt Fischer
Elke Nevoight
Gregory Stephanopoulos

Combinatorial promoter design for engineering noisy gene expression

Kevin F. Murphy
Gabor Balazsi
James J. Collins