Repeating Eckdahl's 20-clone selection

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We need to replicate Dr. Eckdahl’s 20-clone experiment twice on both campuses and mathematically analyze the data. Continue adding arabinose to induce the chaperones.

We need to grow the surviving clones on individual plates: no antibiotic, amp, amp+chlor. This will enable us to determine whether both plasmids (CDM+amp, chaperone+chlor) are still present and being transcribed.

Depending on the survivorship of the clones in the previous step, set up plates to run head-to-head competition between two surviving clones, and determine which strain is most competent. This will confirm the results of the 20-clone experiment, in a more controlled environment than a plate with all 20 clones.

Protocol created on 05/21/14: Eckdahl-replication-protocol

Photos from Davidson's first replication (four plates) (Updated May 31, 2014)

Template for results: File:Replication Results Template.xlsx Upload a file for each campus with the results displayed in the table. There is a tab in the file for each trial.