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Davidson Ampicillin Communication: time delayed cell growth

XOR AMC2.jpg

The very first colony has a high copy number plasmid that is Amp and Kan resistant (R). As this colony grows over time, it will digest ampicillin in an increasingly larger circle shown by radiating circles of blue. The subsequent colonies have a lower copy number plasmid and have a promoter-less version of AmpR in addition to the XOR construct. The AmpR coding will have either its native RBS or one we give it.

Davidson Growth Layouts



To enhance the unidirectional flow of AmpR, we could either grow the cells on a slant or create a vertical stack of agar plugs. The thickness of the plug would be determined by the thickness of the plates we pour. This may or may not help with the diffusion of AmpR but it is easier to do than microfluidics.