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It would make sense to see if there putatively tRNA encoding gene sequences in available genomes matches sequences in the blueberry genome.

tRNA gene databases

1.the Genomic tRNA database
2.tRNA gene database curated manually by experts

The Grape tRNA genome paper source

They use the program tRNAscan-SE. They claim that the program is able to identify 99-100% of tRNA genes in a DNA sequence while giving less than one false positive per 15 gigabases (I don't know how they promise this). They use two previously described tRNA detection programs as first pass prefilters to identify possible tRNA genes which are then analyzed by a tRNA covariance model. It also can detect tRNA homologues such as selenocysteine tRNAs, tRNA-derived repetitive elements and tRNA pseudo-genes.

I couldn't find the grape genome with the tRNA encoding regions identified; perhaps, it would be worth emailing the The French–Italian Public Consortium for Grapevine Genome Characterization?