Test pLsrA/cI

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Test pLsrA/cI promoter

The pLsrA/cI promoter is constitutively off and is repressed by the lsrR protein. The addition of AI-2 should de-repress the lsrR operon causing it to glow. The addition of the cI protein should repress the promoter, causing it to not glow.

Test pLsrA/cI repression:


plsrA/cI→RBS+GFP+TT does not glow



add AI-2


plsrA/cI→RBS+GFP+TT glows



LsrR cI AI-2 + GFP AI-2 - GFP
0 0 1 1
1 0 1 0
0 1 0 0
1 1 0 0

Ligation plan for test sequences

Digest RBS with S/P, lsrK with X/P; do ligation.

Digest RBS with S/P, lsrR with X/P; do ligation.

Digest pBAD with S/P, RBS+lsrK with X/P; do ligation.

Digest TT with R/X, RBS+lsrR with R/S; do ligation.

Digest RBS+lsrR+TT with R/X, pBAD+RBS+lsrK with R/S,; do ligation.

Digest plsrA/cI with S/P, E0240 with X/P; do ligation.