Uncharacterized Protein Family (UPF0153) (Katie Richeson)

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Uncharacterized Protein Family (644030411)

Blastn Search

No helpful results, all complete genomes. Shows that this nucleotide sequence is found in many halophiles such as Halorubrum lacusprofundi.

Blastx Search

The results of the blastx search gave many hypothetical proteins or just unknown protein functions. Although, the third hit from Halogeometricum borinquense was a predicted predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase, which is an enzyme that catalyses the transfer of Iron and Sulfide ions from one molecule to another.

GC Content

The GC content for this gene is 68% and the GC content for our species' genome is 65%. Therefore it is unlikely that this gene is an alien gene, but does not rule out the possibility of orthologs or paralogs.

Genome Portal Results with Other Halophiles

I found similar nucleotide sequences in other halophiles using the blast aspect in genome portal with different halophiles. But these halophiles have not been annotated as of yet so the similar nucleotide sequences did not provide any additional data.

Codon Bias

I would like to see if the codon bias for this gene shows any sort of relation to our species or another species but I do not know how to check this.