Using Amp and Amp^R as communication

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Kristi was talking about having cells send only if they get a 1 from a cell that used to be a zer0.

Let's say off is Amp sensitive and on is Amp resistant.

Amp resistance happens when a betalactamase enzyme chews up ampicillin that is outside the cell. This creates a halo of amp-free media around the ON cell.

Any other cell living inside the halo will be able to grow now that the amp is gone. This can convert an off cell to an ON cell and propagate our communication.

Cells popping up around Amp^R colonies are called satellite colonies. We can use this behavior to our advantage. SEE IMAGES BELOW

Any comments on this idea??

Control A Picture 3.JPG Control A Picture 6.JPG Control A Picture 11.JPG Experiment A Picture 2.JPG Experiment A Picture 8.JPG Experiment A Picture 9.JPG Control B Picture 5.JPG Control B Picture 10.JPG Experiment B Picture 1.JPG Experiment B Picture 4.JPG Experiment B Picture 7.JPG