DM Notes 3.10.16

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Today: working on presentation, approach one. Convert online presentation to powerpoint, put it on a flash drive please -Dr. C

Working on approach one:

PURPOSE: to find a small group of differentially expressed genes and use their GO IDs to uncover molecular function​ ​ PROCESS:​ From .results files, compare gene FPKM values across samples (1-3 vs 4-6) to find most differentially expressed genes​ Group significant genes by GO terms to gain insight into key functions​ Can also compare our results to DEseq generated genes

We're working on coding/excel-ing this today. In Python, we will open up three .results files at a time. For each contig in the file, we'll generate an average FPKM (normalized) score, then output the contig and score to a text file. Back to home Dylan Maghini