DNA Sequencing at Iowa State University

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  • Prepare minipreps of DNA to be sequenced – concentration should be at least 50 ng/ul
  • Put 10 ul of each DNA template in a 1.5 ml tube
  • Label the DNA template tubes with a name not more than 8 characters
  • Seal tubes with parafilm and place in 50 ml tube
  • Wrap in bubblewrap
  • Go to http://www.dna.iastate.edu/users/index.html
  • Login = eckdahl, Password = toad
  • Input number of reactions, choose Plasmid Template Type, hit Continue
  • Input names of template exactly as written on tubes
  • Input concentration in ug/ul (eg. 50 ng/ul = .050 ug/ul)
  • Input approximate insert size and approximate vector size
  • Input G00100 for Forward primer or G00101 for Reverse primer
  • Input “Eckdahl primer box” under Comments
  • Press Continue
  • Address Error Message if you can
  • Press Submit
  • Print page with Samples Submitted and Tracking Number
  • Place page and 50 tube(s) with DNA templates in FedEx box for shipping to
  DNA Sequencing Facility, Iowa State University, 1184 Molecular Biology Bldg, Ames, IA, 50011-3260