Davidson Missouri W/CUGI Sequencing

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==For Dr. Campbell's Lab== ftp site is CAMPBELL [at] ftp (dot) genome (dot) clemson (dot) edu {but no spaces in this name} pswrd= 5pFEWyA3 case sensitive

The sequencing account's password at Clemson is the name of the computer next to the microarray scanner. The user name is Dr. C's email prefix. The website is www.genome.clemson.edu

  • You need to send 60 ng of DNA in a tube for each sequencing reaction. Always submit 60 ng for each primer used for sequencing.
  • The DNA to be sequenced must be sent dried down, or within 3 µl. Unless you have a good reason not to, always submit the DNA dried down.
  • Primers are at 1 pmol/reaction. Unless you have a good reason not to, always submit 3 pmols for each reaction you want performed. Primer solution should be diluted to 1pmol/ul.
  • $3.00 / sample
  • VR and VF2 melting temperatures are 60 C. 1 pmol/µL = 1 µM.

Note by ATM: I sent 80 ng of DNA for 3 samples and 10 pmol total of primer for 3 reactions.