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[http://parts.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/The_What%27s_and_How%27s Davidson's Wet Lab Protocols]
[[The_What%27s_and_How%27s| Davidson's Wet Lab Protocols]]
[http://parts.mit.edu/igem07/index.php/Davidson_Missouri_W/MWSU_protocols Missouri Western's Wet Lab Protocols]
[http://parts.mit.edu/igem07/index.php/Davidson_Missouri_W/MWSU_protocols Missouri Western's Wet Lab Protocols]

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Davidson's Wet Lab Protocols

Missouri Western's Wet Lab Protocols

Spliting Genes Web Tool

Compatibility of Plasmids

A Site with an FAQ on Wikis

  1. DMW Part Numbers for 2007 are BBa_I715000 to BBa_I715999.
  2. How to Name a New Part
  3. Entering the Part to the Registry
  4. How to Annotate a Part

Cool site for Breakfast [1]

Karen Acker's paper describing GFP and TetA(c) with Hix insertions [2]

Bruce Henschen's paper describing one-time flippable Hix sites [3]

Intro to Hamiltonian Path Problem and DNA [4]

Adleman, LM. Molecular Computation of Solutions To Combinatorial Problems. Science. 11 November 1994. Vol. 266. no. 5187, pp. 1021 - 1024

Sambrook and Russell. 2001. Molecular Cloning A Laboratory Manual. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratry Press. Cold Spring Harbor, New York pg. 1.145. 2007 June.