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== WTH TEST ==
'''Purification of DNA'''
'''Purification of DNA'''

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Purification of DNA

Isolation of Genomic DNA from Bacteria



Gradient/Standard PCR

Resuspending Oligos

Colony PCR

Template Preparation for RT-qPCR

New Chaperone PCR

LongAmp PCR

Recombinant DNA Production

Zymo Research Plasmid Minipreps

Golden Gate Assembly Protocol

Golden Gate Assembly Single Molecule Protocol

Pouring an Agarose Gel

BioBrick Digestions for Fragment and Vector Preparation

Fragment Purification

Gibson Assembly

Direct Synthesis with Overlapping Oligos

Annealing Oligos for Cloning

Ethanol Precipitation of Vector DNA

Reducing Background from Double Digested Vector

File:PClone Procedure for GCAT SB Workshop 2014 new version.pptx

Ligation and Transformation

BioBrick Ligations

Ligation and Transformation

Electroporation Transformation

SOC Protocol for Transformations

Screening Clones

Diagnostic RP Digestion for Checking Insert Size

DNA Sequencing at Iowa State University

What to do with a new clone

Measuring Phenotypes

Measuring Fluorescence in Bacteria

Camera Settings for Taking Pictures of Plates

DNA and E coli

GCAT Library of Quality Parts

MWSU Freezer Parts

Working With Bacteria

Bacterial Media

Washing Beads

Cleaning Plate Replication Pads