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  Gradient/ Standard PCR

1.Create standard PCR mix.

10ul 2X GoTaq Green PCR mix

1ul forward primer (10mMl)

1ul reverse primer (10mM)

7ul dH2O

19ul Total

Add 1ul of template DNA

2. Using the table below, program the gradient (Δ°C) to match the desired temperature range from the standard temperature. ± values are approximate when indicated with ~.

Δ°C ±°C from Standard Temperature Δ12°C ±5°C

Δ14°C ~±6°C

Δ17°C ~±7°C

Δ19°C ~±8°C

Δ21°C ~±9°C

Δ24°C ±10°C

Δ27°C ~±11°C

Δ29°C ~±12°C

Δ30°C ±12.5°C

  Thermal Profile

• 1 cycle of 94°C for 4min

• 30 cycles of 94°C for 15s, Annealing temperature/Gradient (Δ°C) for 15s, 74°C for 30s

• 1 cycle of 74°C for 4min

(The annealing temperature should be about 5°C below the lower of the Tm values of the 2 primers)

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