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Making a Registry Page

  1. Go to Registry of Biological Parts then login as the correct username
  2. Hit the tools tab and click add a part
  3. Click add a Basic Part
  4. Allow edits for Eckdahl Lab and for Davidson Lab (Just check Eckdahl's box and check one of Davidson's box)
  5. Copy what is directly under "next available part" (should be some letters followed by a sequence of numbers and if doing the Pupp promoter experiment, your part name is written on the Annealed Oligos Page hanging up in the lab)
  6. Paste this under Selected Part name
  7. Select your part type (ex. in this case for the Pupp promoter it is regulatory)
  8. Enter a short description (this is what people around the world will see) include what you did.
  9. If you get stumped on what to write go to Davidson's upp promoters and see what they wrote.
  10. Then go into detail on what you did and how it effected this sequence in the long description
  11. Enter in the source (ex. in the Pupp promoter experiment, the source was put as: Synthetic Oligonucleotides cloned into pClone Red
  12. Enter "None" in design consideration
  13. Click go on to enter sequence... annotations
  14. Edit your designer name (it should be your full name along with anybody else involved in the experiment)
  15. Click go to Part tools, then click edit sequence and features.
  16. Click the little blue edit button
  17. Enter in the top strand of your sequence leaving out the first four letters and the last four letters because those are just the sticky ends
  18. Click part tools and select edit sequence and features then click add a feature
  19. When adding a feature this will want you to select a type (ex. In PuppDel-10 there was a mutated -10 element so mutated was selected)
  20. Then add the label name
  21. Count left to right where the sequence starts and where it ends. Place those numbers on the start and end columns. The direction will be fwd.
  22. There may be more than one feature in the sequence so repeat the same procedure for other features (ex. PuppDel-10 had two features -35 element and the -10 element)
  23. Then save this and your entry will be added