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Sequencing Your Plasmid DNA to Confirm Cloned DNA Sequence

  1. For each eXperimental sample, determine the volume of DNA you need to deliver 320 ng of DNA to a barcoded sequencing tube. Record the bar code for each sample.
  2. Add water to your DNA until the combined volume is 8 µL.
  3. To each of your 8 µL of DNA, add 4 μL of the appropriate sequencing primer (at 2 µM concentration) for a total volume of 12 μL.
  4. Record your sample and group name for each barcoded tube you used. You should have 3 new eXperimental and one old eXperimental sequencing reactions to send away. Those working with actClone will have 8 tubes to send away.

Sequencing Primers to confirm Inserts v2.0
CTAATTCAACAAGAATTGGGAC Tm = 60° C 71bp upstream first base of new DNA part

CCTTCGTACGGACGACCTTC Tm = 58° C 112bp downstream first base of new DNA part