This web page computes the TESTCODE score, also called the Fickett Statistic, which predicts whether a DNA sequence is likely to code for a protein or not.

Enter your sequence in the box, using FASTA format. Sequence description is optional. A sample sequence is provided.
All non-DNA characters A, C, G, T, and N will be stripped before computing GC percentage.

A score > 0.95 means the sequence is probably coding.
A score < 0.74 means the sequence is probably non-coding.
Scores in between 0.74 and 0.95 mean it is uncertain whether the sequence is coding or not.

TESTCODE statistics are often computed in a sliding window along a DNA sequence. Details on how the TESTCODE score is computed are available at the EMBOSS tcode description page. You can experiment with the sliding window version at any EMBOSS web site, for example at UMDNJ (USA) and NHRI (Taiwan). A web search for "emboss tcode" will help you find many more sites.