TRNA Genes Check List

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As you find your anticodons, please change the 3 letter codon in the table to bold and italics. For example, if you find 5' GGG 3' is your anticodon, then it will bind to the codon CCC listed in the table and you will convert the CCC to bold and italics. To keep track of the 5' to 3' portion, use the genetic code and the amino acid automatically assigned to your tRNA gene to make sure you don't have it reversed.

Table of Standard Genetic Code


TTT Phe (F)
TTC Phe (F)
TTA Leu (L)
TTG Leu (L)

TCT Ser (S)
TCC Ser (S)
TCA Ser (S)
TCG Ser (S)

TAT Tyr (Y)
TAC Tyr (Y)
TAA Stop
TAG Stop

TGT Cys (C)
TGC Cys (C)
TGA Stop
TGG Trp (W)


CTT Leu (L)
CTC Leu (L)
CTA Leu (L)
CTG Leu (L)

CCT Pro (P)
CCC Pro (P)
CCA Pro (P)
CCG Pro (P)

CAT His (H)
CAC His (H)
CAA Gln (Q)
CAG Gln (Q)

CGT Arg (R)
CGC Arg (R)
CGA Arg (R)
CGG Arg (R)


ATT Ile (I)
ATC Ile (I)
ATA Ile (I)
ATG Met (M)

ACT Thr (T)
ACC Thr (T)
ACA Thr (T)
ACG Thr (T)

AAT Asn (N)
AAC Asn (N)
AAA Lys (K)
AAG Lys (K

AGT Ser (S)
AGC Ser (S)
AGA Arg (R)
AGG Arg (R)


GTT Val (V)
GTC Val (V)
GTA Val (V)
GTG Val (V)

GCT Ala (A)
GCC Ala (A)
GCA Ala (A)
GCG Ala (A)

GAT Asp (D)
GAC Asp (D)
GAA Glu (E)
GAG Glu (E)

GGT Gly (G)
GGC Gly (G)
GGA Gly (G)
GGG Gly (G)