Burmese Python RNAseq Project

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This page is for the first iteration of a new research project at Davidson College. Students enrolled in this class will be collaborating with Drs. Malcolm Campbell, Laurie Heyer, and Shannon Pittman.

Each group will need to find papers related to the normal function of their organ. Furthermore, each group will need to learn about genes activated during cell division. We need to know that we have sampled the right cells and to know if the sampled tissue was beginning rapid growth.

Group 1 Liver

Group 2 Liver

Group 3 Liver

Group 1 intestines

Group 2 intestines

Group 3 intestines

Dr. C. Catch-all:

- excel spreadsheet of differentially expressed genes and GO terms from Castoe et al. 2013

- DESeq Package Explained

File:POUF converter.xls

Download genes and their GO terms