March 2, 2010

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Meeting with Chris, Pat, Mark B. and Malcolm Campbell


What are the learning objectives?

  1. Retention of information
  2. Retention of skills of interpreting data#What is science? – memorize vs. data analysis – who shaped their perceptions? (attitude and definition of science)

Classes start 24th August

Finish by end of July to prep.

Clickers in class

Would Dave and Jennifer be willing to clickers??

Agree on topics and reach agreement on content (set of agreed questions on content as well as data analysis related to the topic – novel to all).

Talk to Kevin about getting 4 color versions of my chapters in 3 hole versions.

Assessment Tools to fit the objectives.

Draft the assessment tools based on methods of assessment and learning objectives.

Research design of assessment.

Trial run of assessment tools. Get feedback about mechanism of tools.

HSIRB approval.

Time Line End of March – have learning objectives set

  • Objectives for Course
  • Objectives for the Assessment

By Graduation

  • experimental Design and Tools

End of June

  • Draft of Tools by end of June


  • Test assessment tools for student feedback