Biological Tool Database

This webpage contains various tools made by the Davidson College/Missouri-Western iGEM team.


***The 'Lancelator' Oligo Assembly***

Want to synthesize DNA sequences that are too short for PCR? This tool determines the optimal gene assembly for a DNA sequence by improving chances of successful annealing.


***PCR Primer with BioBrick ends***

Frustrated with the carelessness of human error? This tool is designed to add complementary base pairs to any DNA sequence and design primers for PCR.


***Optimal Percent Agarose Gel***

Ever wonder what would be the best concentration of agarose for your gels? This tool is designed to select the optimal percent agarose concentration based on the base pair length of dsDNA.


***Gene Splitting***

Wolud you like to split a gene and insert a hix site for Hin flipping? This tool is designed to produce PCR primers for each half of the coding DNA and keep them in frame when using BioBrick assembly and the Hix site (BBa_J44000) for use with Hin recombinase (BBa_J31001).


This website, and the tools presented, were made by Kelly Davis, Lance Harden, Madeline Parra, and Max Win, under the supervision of Dr. Laurie Heyer and Dr. Malcolm Campbell of Davidson College

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