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Davidson College

4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern
Watson Science 247

Be a Part of the Puzzle

See how Mathematics and Biology Connect

Join Bio-Math Connections meetings every Friday

Missouri Western State University

3:00-4:00 p.m. Central
Agenstein Hall 215

Fall 2008 Meetings

No BMC on Oct 10 or Oct 17

October 3
Phylogenetic Trees built from Molecular Data

September 26
Phylogenetic Trees

September 19
"Wow, that's a really big leaf!"

September 12
Microarray Short Version
Microarray Long Version
Correlation Exploration Guide
Correlation Exploration Workbook

September 5
Journal Search

September 12

September 19

September 26

October 3

October 3 - no BMC

October 17
Dr. Christina Smolke at Davidson

October 24

October 31

November 7 - iGEM

November 14
iGEM Reports

November 21
Last BMC

Handouts and Presentations

NSF Grant Summary

Spring 2009 Meetings

January 23
Introduction to Repressilator
Modeling the Repressilator
Challenge Problems

January 30
Registry of Parts and Your Challenge
Lava Lamp online
iLavaLamp App for iPhone
iGEM Registry of Parts

February 6
Drew Endy at MWSU
Davidson goes solo
CRISPR Summary
CRISPR paper 1 (Brouns SOM)
CRISPR paper 2

February 13 - no BMC
HHMI Applications Due

February 20
NSF Summer Applications Due
DNA Origami (PDF)
TED DNA Origami
(5 min YouTube)
Origami and Math (PDF)
Real Origami (YouTube)

February 27
BMC only at MWSU

March 6 - No BMC

March 13

March 20
Students Brainstorm Ideas
Davidson - DNA origami
Isothermal Amplification
Reverse Transcriptase
T7 RNA polymerase
Factors affecting migration

MWSU - Logic and SAT problem

March 27
Students Brainstorm Ideas

April 3
Reverse Transcriptase Wikipedia
RT Papers one, two three, four, five
RNaseH paper
msDNA Wikipedia
msDNA papers one, two, three, four

April 10
no BMC (Good Friday)

April 17
Last BMC


2007-2008 Bio-Math Connections

Bio-Math Connections is part of the Synthetic Biology Research for Undergraduate (SyBR-U),
a collaborative project between Davidson College and Missouri Western State University
funded by the Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics (UBM) program of the National Science Foundation, DMS-0733952 and DMS-0733955




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