User-Defined Data

See the Stanford University genomics website for freely accessibly expression data from a number of experiments, or go ahead and enter your own data in the form below.

To cluster: choose a threshold value at which your tree will be 'cut,' and click submit.


Desired Threshold: (Enter a value between -1 and 1)

Experiment Headings:  

Separate headings by a single space.  Each heading must be a single word using a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters.  Each heading represents a different experimental set/condition/time-point for which you have data for ALL genes being monitored.  Example:

heatshock000min heatshock001min heatshock002min heatshock005min heatshock0010min

The above example will delimit 5 different time-points because there are 5 words.

Log (Base 2) Data:  

Separate genes by carriage returns (i.e., the keystroke <ENTER>), and separate data within a gene by a single space.  The first data point must be the gene name, using any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, but no spaces.  Non-numeric values are allowed only in the first data point of each row.  There must be data for every experiment heading for every gene.  Example:

YDR95LC 0.54 0.21 -0.8 -0.01 -1.02

YWL98DW -1.53 0.01 -0.05 -0.90 1.43

The above data is consistent with the experimental headings example, shown above, because there are 5 data points for each gene.



For further detail, please consult the background page.


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