Exploring Diauxic Shift Microarray Data with

In this lab, we will use the free open-source software program MAGIC Tool to explore the yeast diauxic shift microarray data published by DeRisi et al. in Science (1997). Pat Brown, in whose lab the data were generated, has generously provided both raw and processed data for us to work with. The files you need to do this lab are linked to as you go along. You will also need a copy of the DeRisi et al. 1997 reprint.

You can start this lab in two different places, depending on your interests:

Creating the Gene List


Creating the Project



Joseph L. DeRisi, Vishwanath R. Iyer, and Patrick O. Brown, Exploring the Metabolic and Genetic Control of Gene Expression on a Genomic Scale. Science , Vol 278, Issue 5338, 680-686 , 24 October 1997 http://cmgm.stanford.edu/pbrown/explore/

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