Creating the Project

  1. Open MAGIC Tool using the launcher, which gives you access to additional RAM memory.
  2. Create a project called derisi_lab. This creates a folder called derisi_lab, containing a file called derisi_lab.gprj. (See the MAGIC Tool project tutorial for a reminder of how projects are organized.)
  3. Without closing MAGIC Tool, go to your computer's folder system (Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows) and copy the following files into the derisi_lab project folder you just created with MAGIC Tool. (If you do not already have these files on your hard drive, download them by right-clicking [ctrl-click on Mac] on each link below.)
    1. derisi_genelist.txt (the gene list you created in the previous section, or a provided version of the same)
    2. derisi_first5.exp (the expression file for the first 5 timepoints)
    3. derisi_last2.exp ( the expression file for the last 2 timepoints)
    4. four tiff files:
      1. 1309_ch1_OD690_green.tif
      2. 1309_ch2_OD690_red.tif
      3. 1313_ch1_OD730_green.tif
      4. 1313_ch2_OD730_red.tif
    5. two grid files:
      1. 1309.grid
      2. 1313.grid
    6. (the yeast gene annotation information file)
  4. Go back to MAGIC Tool and select Update Project under the Project menu. This copies all the files from the top-level project folder into their appropriate subfolders.
  5. Depending on your interests, either continue to Generating Expression Ratios, or skip to Exploring Expression Ratios.


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