Summer 2014 SynBio Project (Davidson and MWSU)

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Final Presentations at End of Summer

Presentations during MWSU visit to Davidson

Central Dogma presentation File:Central dogma.pptx

PCR presentation File:PCR.pptx

Cloning presentation File:Cloning.pptx

Riboswitch presentation File:Riboswitch function.pptx

Agent based modeling presentation File:AgentBased Modeling.pptx

Competition presentation File:Competition Modeling.xlsx

Programmed evolution presentation File:Programmed Evolution.pdf

Caffeine results File:Caffeine Disk.pptx

Ammeline presentation File:Ammeline.pptx

Repressilator modeling exercises File:Repressilator modeling.docx

Repressilator modeling Excel file File:Repressilator model.xls

Repressilator modeling Netlogo file File:Repressilator

Biology Files

Chaperone plasmid DNA sequences File:Chaperone plasmid DNA sequences.docx

Origin PCR Gels 5-26-14File:5-26-14 Orig PCR Elecpho Gel Pic.doc

Chaperone PCR and Repeat Origin PCR 5-27-14File:5-27-14 Chap PCR and Repeat Ori PCR.doc

Chaperone PCR of original clones 5-27-14File:5-27-14 chaperone pcr clones 1-24.doc

Origin PCR of original clones 5-27-14File:5-27-14 Ori PCR 1-24.doc

New Chap PCR clones 1-5File:5-28-14 New Chap PCR 1-5.doc

Combinations Labeling System File:Labeling.xlsx

ThyA Fitness Module File:ThyA fitness module.docx

Alternative RiboswitchesFile:Alternative Riboswitches.docx

Origin PCR Pictures 6-5-14 File:6-5-14 Origin PCR.docx

Chaperone PCR PA 6-5-14 File:6-5-14 Chaperone PCR.docx

Broth Growth Experiments File:Broth Growth Experiment Reports Revised.docx

Sub-pages on various topics


Catherine Doyle Thesis Materials

Repeating 20 Clone Experiments

Extending theophylline application

Melamine iteration

Ramping up Programmed Evolution

Rational Design of Riboswitches: papers to read

ThyA Fitness Module

Caffeine Disk Replication Data

Programmed Evolution Paper


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