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Fall 2009 Meetings


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September 4

NSF Grant Summary
Journal Search

September 11

How do you answer
big questions?

September 18

This is an exceptional leaf!

September 25

DNA Microarrays

October 2

Phylogenetic tree pics

Phylogenetic tree sequences

No BMC Oct 9-30

November 6

Celebrate iGEM Success
Hear student summaries
Eat Ice Cream!

November 13

Gene Expression 101

November 20

Using the BioBrick Registry
Learn to design a new part

Our Task Today (PPT)

DRI proposals due Jan. 29
for Davidson students

HHMI applications due Feb 15 for Davidson students

Davidson NSF applications (Word, pdf) due March 1

Missouri Western NSF applications (Word file) due March 1

January 22

Investigate iGEM-2009 projects

January 29

Present iGEM-2009 projects

February 5

Present iGEM-2009 projects

February 12

Tom Richard lecture

February 19

Introduction to Repressilator
Modeling the Repressilator
Challenge Problems

2007-2008 Bio-Math Connections

2008-2009 Bio-Math Connections

Bio-Math Connections is part of the Synthetic Biology Research for Undergraduate (SyBR-U),
a collaborative project between Davidson College and Missouri Western State University
funded by the Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics (UBM) program of the National Science Foundation, DMS-0733952 and DMS-0733955