Genome Consortium for Active Teaching

You have discovered the web server for the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT) at Davidson College. Here you can find genomics and synthetic biology resources and online tools developed at Davidson College since this server was launched in 2001, most with the generous support from the National Science Foundation.

Genomics Tools

MAGIC Tool: public domain and open source software for microarray data analysis
Hemoglobin Mutagenesis: use cDNA sequence to create wild-type and mutant proteins online
Microarray Clustering Tool: clusters a combination of genes from various experiments
Kyte-Doolittle Hydropathy Plots: allows user to perform Kyte-Doolittle hydropathy plots on their sequence
DeRisi Lab: explore the yeast diauxic shift microarray data published by DeRisi, et al.
Word or Excel files for exploring correlation coefficients

Synthetic Biology Tools

GCAT-alog: online catalog of freezer stocks
The Oligator: chooses oligos for a DNA sequence greater than 22 bp, removes BioBrick restriction sites, adds BioBrick ends, and adds Golden Gate assembly sticky ends
GGAJET :Golden Gate Assembly Junction Evaluative Tool
Prime Time Primer Designer :A Golden Gate Assembly Tool
REmbedder: embeds restriction enzyme recognition sequences in a protein while minimizing amino acid changes and maximizing BLOSUM100 score
The WiserOptimizer: a split site optimization tool for Golden Gate Assembly
The Loligator: processes oligos for 20 µL boiled and cooled oligos
The Success-O-Rater: determines the number of trials needed to find a successful sample
PCR Primer Design: adds BioBrick ends to an input DNA sequence and designs PCR primers
Optimal Agarose Concentration: selects the optimum percent agarose gel concentration for a given length of dsDNA
Lab Protocols: Davidson Protocols for the 2010 iGem Project


Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell, Herman Brown Professor of Biology
Dr. Rachid El Bejjani, Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Laurie J. Heyer, John T. Kimbrough Professor of Mathematics and Director, James G. Martin Genomics Program
Dr. Hanna Key, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Nicole Snyder, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Debbie Thurtle-Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Biology


Genomics Program
Interdisciplinary majors and minor in Genomics or Bioinformatics
BIO 309: Intro to Genomics , taught each year by Dr. Debbie Thurtle-Schmidt
BIO 343: Lab Methods in Genomics, taught each year by Dr. Debbie Thurtle-Schmidt
BIO/CSC 209: Bioinformatics Programming, taught each year by Dr. Debbie Thurtle-Schmidt or Dr. Laurie Heyer


Discovering Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, the first true genomics textbook

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